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My English Garden

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    My English Garden
    The set contains lesson plans with detailed description of the procedures, picture flashcards, worksheets, board games, mini books, a lot of craft ideas, movement. You can find 8 songs and 8 chants and rhymes there (recordings, karaoke).
    Colours: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, orange, brown, black, white, grey
    Numbers: 1 – 5
    Animals: bee, snake, butterfly, dog, duck, cat, bird, fox, chick, bat
    Weather: sun, rain, rainbow, raindrop, snow, snowflake, umbrella, sky, cloud
    Prepositions: up, down, under, next to, around
    Nature: tree, leaf, flower
    Emotions: angry, sad, surprised, scared, happy
    Phrases: What's this? What colour is it? How many …? Where’s …? What’s the weather like? Plurals
    Sample: https://youtu.be/ngszG3tHHBQ
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