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Teaching materials



  • On the Farm

    On the Farm
    The educational material consists of 300 activities, which increase the knowledge of farm animals. The skills taught and practised in the text are both linguistic and literary - developing listening skills, creating sentences, working with rhymes, working the speech organs on speech-oriented texts, nurturing awareness of nature and the world around us, influencing the creation of mathematical concepts, provides content for music, art and physical education activities and for English language teaching.
    Cena 200,00 Kč 
  • Fruit and Vegetables

    Fruit and Vegetables
    The educational set has been designed for 2 - 12-year-old children. The whole set consists of over 180 files with more than three hundred activities, which increase the knowledge acquired while listening to the rhymes, chants and songs and working with the facts.
    Cena 200,00 Kč 
  • Shapes

    Printables, worksheets, flashcards, dominoes, games, minibooks and lots of ideas for using in:
    English (and L1 - ideal for ESL), maths, science, physical movement,  music, art and craft, and a lot of fun with 12 shapes.
    6 (13) songs with karaoke, 4 chants and rhymes, circle and action games, vocabulary recordings.
    Activities are designed for children aged 2 - 12.
    Cena 200,00 Kč 

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