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Story-Based Learning sets:
Each story set contains activities using the theme of the story. Worksheets, flashcards, cards and games include literacy activities - vocabulary work, making sentences, re-telling and describing activities, chants, pronunciation; science and maths activities, music, art and craft. The text and songs are recorded for authentic listening. Songs provide enjoyment, learning and fun.
You can find there:
Teaching material - flashcards, role-play pictures and fingerpuppets, text for listening and reading
Learning material - matching and sorting card games, picture reading, worksheets
Cognitive activities, songs, rhymes and chants, action games, movement ideas
Art and crafts - fine motor skills drawing, colouring, construction ideas
About 60 - 140 basic activities in 130 - 300 variations
In combination with other language versions we can have a very effective bilingual teaching material.

The materials are designed mostly for children aged 2 – 12.
2 – 4 years old: key vocabulary, pronunciation, concept of words, chants, songs
5 – 6 years old: pencil control, play with the language, ordering and sequencing, mathematical tasks, subitizing
7 – 8 years old: reading and writing activities, logical thinking
9 – 12 years old: if used for EFL, these children start reading and writing in English

Magnetic felt sets:
Felt picture sets with magnets are ideal for manipulation during storytime; children can re-tell the story while placing the pictures on the magnetic board or felt board. The pleasant, carefully manufactured figures represent an ideal option in teaching young learners about stories and animals.
Material has been certified for safe use (felt, dye), slightly washable.

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